Crystal Rose Productions

where natures beauty and history come together       

      Crystal Rose Productions is a company dedicated to creating historical documentary films that not only entertain the viewer, but  educate as well.  Its been our purpose to try to capture the enchanting beauty of nature on film for others to enjoy.  Each movie is a story that shows the earliest history of the subject, and how it evolves over time up to the present.

       These documentaries have been broadcast extensively on Oregon Public Broadcasting.  OPB is the largest broadcast station in the state with over a million viewers, and its coverage area is the state of Oregon and southern Washington.  

       We at Crystal Rose Productions are committed to presenting an ongoing succession of captivating movie titles about the alluring beauty and history of the state of Oregon.

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The Peter Iredale, was a beautiful clipper ship that ran aground on Clatsop beach                                          on October 25,                                        1906.

Heceta Head Lighthouse is

located twelve miles north

of Florence Oregon, and was  Illuminated in 1894.